"Altogether this is a stellar production by Hat Trick – April Clayton, flute; David Wallace, viola; and Kristi Shade, harp – who indeed make every shot count."

-Roger Knox, The Whole Note

“Very, very nice.”

-Rick Anderson, CD Hot List, Pick of the Month

“April Clayton, David Wallace, and Kristi Shade are all master musicians who collectively create something wonderful. Their ensemble blend is superb and well-adapted to whatever they're playing.”

-Ralph Graves; Composer, broadcaster, critic, WTJU radio.


“Hat Trick handles the dreamy impressionism with care and voluptuous expression. . . Hat Trick takes their respective instruments on quite a ride on this generously programmed CD. Anyone curious to explore the rare flute, viola, and harp literature would be wise to check out this album.”

-Don Clark, I Care if You Listen


“Hat Trick has pulled off something of a hat trick with this release.  It has introduced an absolutely mesmerizing new work to the repertoire.  It has premiered a significant new edition of a beloved masterpiece, and it has laid to rest a myth regarding the flute, viola, and harp trio’s origins.  And happily, it has don this in a splendidly played and recorded program, so we can thoroughly enjoy the ensemble’s triple-triumph.  Warmly recommended.”

-Ronald E Grames, Fanfare


“Quite exquisite!. . .All in all, this is a very fine and refreshing disc, well worth hearing. It makes great music for bringing yourself back to your calm center.”

-Lynne René Bayley, The Art Music Lounge


“The ensemble is so lusciously blended, whether blown, bowed, or plucked; the edges between sounds that indicate where one ends and the other begins are non-existent. This is the great skill of this trio, that they are so enmeshed it gives you a shivery thrill.”

-Alison Young, The Harp Column


“All the sound colors are vivid and practically too good to be true.”

-Todd Gorman, American Record Guide